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Ideas define us: our past, our present, and most importantly, our future.

--Last line of The Idea MinersThe Lost Lake Dig

Mystery solved: The origin of all ideas!

A children's middle grade fantasy book trilogy!

The Idea Miners is a children's middle grade fantasy trilogy designed to excite and inspire readers of all ages. The fantasy action books in this trilogy are brimming with danger and magic—seers, dwarfs, elves, bloodthirsty trolls and crazed miners—while interwoven historical facts remind the reader of great gifts to the world by the likes of Sir Isaac Newton, Wilber and Orville Wright, Charles Babbage, and others.

The Lost Lake Dig

The Idea Miners: The Lost Lake Dig

A sad boy. Without a single friend. His future bleak.

Joey’s world has shattered. Ben, his only friend, has moved away with his family. Sad and depressed, Joey’s startled by the sudden appearance of an odd man who challenges him to look at the world differently and see hidden wonders right in front of him.

He follows the man through a portal to a parallel world and is elated to find his friend Ben there but stunned to discover that they’re at the source of all ideas. To spend time together, they must join an expedition with two feisty dwarfs led by a mysterious girl seer in search of a monumental idea, but Joey fears for their lives since this world contains bloodthirsty trolls and crazed giants.

Will Joey and his friend join the expedition and survive? If the expedition fails, Joey’s world will face an uncertain future.

The Lost Lake Dig is the groundbreaking first book in The Idea Miners youth-based fantasy trilogy. While the story is full of excitement and danger, it’s also a message of hope and encouragement for the future. On the surface it’s a fantasy adventure, but underneath flows a stream of world-altering ideas, highlighting the gift of the human intellect.


If you like hidden worlds with bizarre creatures, bonds of friendship, and danger, then you’ll love P. W. Cross’s fantasy adventure.

Read The Idea Miners—The Lost Lake Dig today, to mine for new ideas, excitement, and inspiration!

If you're up for an adventure, this book is guaranteed to thrill you. It's nothing like anything you've ever read before. This is a great, entertaining book for readers of all ages.

—Erin Doran, Allbooks Reviews

Cover illustration by

Tom McGrath

The Idea Miners: The Lost Lake Dig
 P. W. Cross
 Juvenile Fiction/Fantasy
 288 pages, softcover
 ISBN: 978-0-9662800-8-1
Publisher: Appalachian House

Far more than a fine children's book, this story invites further tales that magnify the thoughts suggested in this book. There is enough charm, adventure, and excitement in Cross's excellent writing to suggest this might just be another series worthy of a film + sequels!

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

The Idea Miners: The Twisted Tree Dig

Joey gets a desperate plea from the Land of Lights.

Joey is called back to the Land of Lights to help rescue a friend from a crazed miner. Together with his best friend Ben, a seer, winders, and a digger, they travel into the dangerous world of the Digs to save their young friend and extract a “gusher”—a glowing sphere that holds an as-yet unthought -of brilliant idea.

Coming soon!

Cover illustration by

Tom McGrath

The Twisted Tree Dig
The One

The Idea Miners: The One

The final book in The Idea Miners trilogy.

Joey returns to the Digs to attend a dwarf wedding of his friends Yestern and Eline, but is trapped when a troll uprising collapses the world order.

In development!

Cover coming

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