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Image of news conference, preceding list of reviews and awards for the Idea Miners series of middle-reader fantasy books by P.W. Cross.

Children's Fantasy Novel Reviews & Awards for
The Idea Miners trilogy

—children's middle grade fantasy action books, written by P. W. Cross 

“PW Cross knows what his readers will like—hidden worlds, crazy characters, and danger!”

—Tim Grundmann, an author of Disney’s Doug Chronicles series

Loved the book! —Benjamin Franklin Awards


Fantasy novel reviews for
The Idea Miners

My twelve-year-old daughter began reading the book after I finished it, and I could hardly get her to put it down to come to the kitchen for dinner! I’m sure my nine-year old will feel the same way when it is her turn, and we are all looking forward to Cross’s next book release! (full review)

Julina K. Small,

Armchair Interviews

If you're up for an adventure, this book is guaranteed to thrill you. It's nothing like anything you've ever read before. This is a great, entertaining book for readers of all ages. (full review)

Erin Dorin,

Allbooks Reviews

Far more than a fine children's book, this story invites further tales that magnify the thoughts suggested in this book. There is enough charm, adventure, and excitement in Cross's excellent writing to suggest this might just be another series worthy of a film + sequels! (full review)

Grady Harp,

Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

The concept is unique and imaginative. I like that. Many of today’s adventure books seem to stick to wizards, vampires and devious mastermind criminals. I love the freshness of this storyline and feel most kids will appreciate it too. (full review)

Tracy Farnsworth,

Roundtable Reviews For Kids

Idea Miners: The Lost Lake Dig by P. W. Cross was a good book and I think that everyone who reads this book will like it as much as I did. (full review)

Ben Weldon (age 11),

Reader Views

This is a winner--an extravagantly imaginative and cunningly constructed adventure that tackles the age-old question of where ideas come from. . . .

PW Cross knows what his readers will like—hidden worlds, crazy characters, and danger! (full review)

Tim Grundmann,

an author of Disney's Doug Chronicles series

I'm an omnivorous reader, and I unabashedly enjoy escaping to fiction targeted at young adults. The Lost Lake Dig satisfied my urge for a fast-paced narrative that picks up momentum throughout.  (full review)

Richard Judy, author of Thru: An Appalachian Trail Love Story

Very imaginative and adventurous book with a positive message. (full review)


Amazon review

This story is a wonderful fantasy adventure that leaves the reader anxiously anticipating a sequel. (full review)

Millicent Prendergild,

The Cybrarian Book Reviews

With elements reminiscent of The Hobbit and Harry Potter, the pace and variety of challenges carry the reader along to a surprising and satisfying conclusion. (full review)

Larry Luxenberg,

author of Walking The Appalachian Trail

Adventure needed, this story is a must read. . . . Summed up, this is a fun, refreshing read, which lovingly introduces readers to a new, vibrant world. (full review)

Anyone who likes a good journey will love this book. (full review)

GJero_Naugatuck, review

Dr. S. Drecker

Amazon review

A delightful read that I heartily recommend. It will please mature readers and delight younger. P.W. Cross has created a charming world and written it in ways both approachable and worthy of more consideration. I look forward to further journeys. (full review)

Sterling Hollis

Amazon review

Great Book! Fascinating read.

 (full review)


Amazon review

It is cool the way the author wove reality into fantasy. I can’t wait to read the next book! (full review)


Amazon review

Good read: After the first chapter, [my grandson] said "I can read faster."

 (full review)


Amazon review

Under the Microscope

Awards for 
The Idea Miners

Award Finalist

Loved the book!!

Selected as one of the best newly released, independently published titles

Award Finalist

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