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Logo of The Idea Miners series of middle-reader fantasy books, written by P.W. Cross.
“The Lost Lake Dig” title, a fantasy middle-reader book in the Idea Miner series, by P.W. Cross.

The Lost Lake Dig Is Very Creative and Original!

In 1750, Joey's best friend Ben moved away. Now he faces a dull summer spent doing chores and little else. But all of that quickly changes when a stranger appears by their swimming hole. Stranger still, this newcomer has a proposition for Joey that will reunite him with his friend and lead them on the adventure of their life.


The Lost Lake Dig is sure to intrigue children of all ages. There are things in this book that no one will be able to predict. If you are looking for something entirely new and thoroughly creative, then give this book a try! You'll be introduced to finders, winders, diggers, seers, gushers, and squirts, not to mention miners and parallel dimensions, in this fast-paced novel.


If you're up for an adventure, this book is guaranteed to thrill you. It's nothing like anything you've ever read before.


This is a great, entertaining book for readers of all ages.


—Erin Doran, Allbooks Reviews

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