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The Idea Miners: The Lost Lake Dig by P. W. Cross

— a wonderful 5-star educational, fantasy novel that will excite and inspire readers of all ages

Wonderful 5-star read for middle readers-and all ages!

When Joey’s best friend Ben moves away, Joey is left feeling lonely and bored on his 1750’s farm. While sitting by himself on the bank of the Hole one day, he discovers Frendric – a visitor from a parallel world who leads Joey on the adventure of his life and reunites him with his long-lost friend.

Filled with images of trolls, dwarfs, and a land where ideas are mined from the earth in glowing bubbles called “squirts” and “gushers,” The Lost Lake Dig is an imaginative and refreshing story for kids and adults alike. Accompanied by his dog Lady and his best friend Ben, Joey participates in the retrieval of a prized gusher that will change the world Joey lives in by providing new ideas to the people of the future. Thankfully, while days fly by during the grand adventure, time stands still at home and Joey’s parents are unaware that he is gone.

With a fresh twist on the roles of dwarfs, author P.W. Cross has created a delightful story that will capture the imagination of children/readers everywhere. By giving the dwarfs specific jobs with titles such as winders, diggers, finders, and seers, Cross has developed an intricate network of fantasy characters that contribute to the progress of the human world.

I especially enjoyed the historical fiction that is woven into The Lost Lake Dig. By providing historical facts in association with the ideas contained within the squirts and gushers, Cross has found a unique way to teach our youth about history while keeping their interest at the same time.

My twelve-year-old daughter began reading the book after I finished it, and I could hardly get her to put it down to come to the kitchen for dinner! I’m sure my nine-year old will feel the same way when it is her turn, and we are all looking forward to Cross’s next book release!

Armchair Interviews says: Written for the 9-12-year-old middle reader, all ages will enjoy this 5-star story.

—Julina K. Small for Armchair Interviews

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