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Logo of The Idea Miners series of middle-reader fantasy books, written by P.W. Cross.
“The Lost Lake Dig” title, a fantasy middle-reader book in the Idea Miner series, by P.W. Cross.

A Great Adventure Story and More

A wonderful adventure story, this book also leads readers to think about the nature of ideas. With a fine eye for detail, P.W. Cross leads readers into a parallel world but he creates such a vivid picture that it feels entirely natural. Two boys come along on a wilderness trip filled with dangers and wonderful characters and prove themselves adept at coping with everything that's thrown at them. With elements reminiscent of The Hobbit and Harry Potter, the pace and variety of challenges carry the reader along to a surprising and satisfying conclusion. Aimed at young readers, it's a gratifying book for adults as well.

—Larry Luxenberg, author of Walking the Appalachian Trail

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