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THRU author review
The Idea Miners: The Lost Lake Dig by P. W. Cross

— an action fantasy adventure novel that will thrill both children and fun-loving adults

Young Adult Fiction that will Satisfy Fun-loving Adults

I'm an omnivorous reader, and I unabashedly enjoy escaping to fiction targeted at young adults. The Lost Lake Dig satisfied my urge for a fast-paced narrative that picks up momentum throughout. During the excitement, I met characters I cared about, including a couple of 1750 farm boys who find themselves in an alternate universe of dwarves, trolls and unconventional folks bent on exploiting this parallel dimension's precious natural resources—ideas. Anyone who has ever considered the origins of original thought might be surprised to learn that ideas exist in another world and come to us at the pleasure of interesting characters created by a man with the best pen name ever, P. W. Cross. I hear that this book is the first of a trilogy. I will wait impatiently for the second installment.

—Richard Judy, author of THRU: An Appalachian Trail Love Story

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